Teeth Whitestrips Luxe Twin set
Teeth Whitestrips Luxe Twin set
Teeth Whitestrips Luxe Twin set


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Teeth Whitestrips Luxe Twin set

Enhanced 3D Perfectwhite strips unique formula. Extreme strength the powerful results that no other brand can match.

#1 Trusted to deliver exceptional high-end Quality and Value.

Most other brand whitening strips can slip off your teeth and can be difficult to put on. Our Advanced-LuXe Perfectwhitening strips are created with a strong grip non-slip technology at superb quality and effectiveness. When combine usage with our complete *Perfectwhitening LuXe Kit* it will give you a thorough long lasting white shine for all the teeth. Safer and stronger than any of other leading brands of 3D white strips.


-  Total 56strips: 28 for upper, 28 lower teeth (28 pouches of WhiteStrips treatment in a hard luxury box casing for you to conveniently look into the mirror to put the strips on in any places).


When should you use the white strips and when to use the Kit?

Strips are very convenient to use during the day when you are so busy working or had to rush out doing shopping. You can just brush your teeth and put the strips on. And if you buy the LED light then you can pop that on as well to accelerate the result. It is highly convenient, quick and easy.

The kit is recommended at night when you are at home, sparing about 5 minutes to put the gel in the trays and wear it on with the LED light. The kit is good for a thorough whitening treatment as it can get in the gaps between your teeth and cover all the teeth even if you got the widest smile.

Therefore for convenience and thoroughness we recommend you use both the PerfectWhitening strips during the day, and the complete PerfectWhitening kit in the evening or at night. This will give you the best teeth whitening treatment.


What is in PerfectWhitening whitestrips?

Our products allow you to save money and time by not having to go to the dentist when you can use our teeth whitening strips in the comfort of your own time.

The white strips contain hybrid hydrogen peroxide with innovated non-slip technology that will bleach any unwanted colour from your teeth to make them as white as possible. All you need to do is apply the strips. It will treat the stain, whiten your teeth and coat a white shine.

Should you apply before or after brushing?

This is a commonly asked question that we get. You should always brush your teeth before applying our strips or any of our other teeth whitening products.

If you want to get your smile looking fantastic again and impress the socks off people, then we recommend you purchase our products. We are the specialist in teeth whitening products. Shop online today and enjoy Free shipping worldwide.

For more information on our products in Australia, the US, Europe and worldwide, feel free to email us at PerfectWhiteningTeeth@gmail.com. 


Why wait? Achieve Perfect Whites with Convenient Advanced Luxe Teeth Whitening Strips in Australia and Worldwide Today!

Everyone wants to have a great smile; it’s something that both you and other people will immediately notice. Don’t feel self-conscious and hide your smile in photos, or resort to other methods like scrubbing your teeth harder, which can actually be detrimental to your oral health. If you are looking for a complete solution, then PerfectWhitening strips and PerfectWhitening Kit is for you. It is available in Australia and worldwide.