*For maximum results, do it twice a day, morning and night.

Getting started: IMPORTANT to take the plastic stopper inside the LED light battery for it to work.

Only 2 easy steps: make the trays using hot boil water, put the gel on and wear the trays in your mouth with the LED light.

Step 1: Make Thermoforming mouth trays (only need to do once for the first time)

1a) Boil water in your kettle and pour into a bowl. Place your first mouth tray in the water holding the tab of tray for 3-5 seconds until slightly soften.

DO NOT leave it in too long otherwise the tray will shrink and stuff up!!

1b) Then quickly, place the tray in your mouth inserting your bottom teeth into tray and close your mouth and suck the air in tightly.


Tips: Use your fingers to push against your lips with the tray inside your mouth to create impression. Leave tray in for 10 seconds to form shape.

After that, it is important to use a scissor to trim the trays so they are at a perfect shape to your teeth and not protruding into your gum. Otherwise it can cause gum irritation if the extra bits of plastic trays is pushing into your gum!!

Also you should cut off the plastic tab so when you close your mouth the trays fit in your mouth perfectly.

1c) Repeat steps for the second tray for the upper teeth.

Try wear the trays to check for comfort. If it is protruding in your gum then use scissors to trim it for perfect fit.


Step 2: Whitening procedure 

2a) Brush your teeth and do oral detox.

Brush your teeth, or cleanse your mouth with 10ml of lemon water (half a lemon to 10ml water in a cup) swishing it around in your mouth for 2 mins and spit it out. After that, try to wear the trays first without any gel to check for comfort. Then clean the trays DRY before applying any gel.


2b) Place a small drop of gel per tooth in the tray.

Note: Make sure you spread the gel evenly towards the FRONT surface of the tray so that when you place it into your mouth the gel will be in full contact with the front surface of your teeth. DON'T overflow the gel in the trays.

Or alternatively, if you have our whitening pen then you can turn the knob on the pen and the gel will come out onto the brush. Then brush the gel onto your teeth.


2c) Insert the trays into your mouth and onto your teeth.

Note: DO NOT allow the gel or the trays protruding into your gum! If any gel comes in contact with your gums wipe it off with your finger or a tissue otherwise it can cause a swollen gum and become inflamed. And trim the trays off so it doesn't protrude your gum.


2d) Set up your Extreme LED blue accelerator light.

After that, pull the plastic stopper between the batteries inside the LED light. Then turn on the LED and place it underneath your lips in front of your trays. Keep the light in your mouth for 40minutes. If the light turn off then press it back on. The use of this light will make the whitening process more efficient and accelerate the power of whitening process.


 Relax, Take a Selfie & Do your own thing

During this time, just Relax and take a selfie or do your own thing :) 


Do not exceed a treatment time of more than 1 hour and we recommend that you only do it maximum twice a day. Also, it is normal to develop some saliva in your mouth while having the trays and LED in your mouth. If this is the case, you can quickly take the LED light out and spit the saliva out. However, please note if you have tendency to produce excess saliva, your saliva will go into the whitening gel and reduce the efficacy thus it may take many applications before your see visible results.

After 1 hour, remove the trays from your mouth and rinse your mouth to remove any remaining gel. Continue your daily routine as normal. If possible, it is best to avoid eating for the next hour.

Clean your trays with cool water. Keep your trays for next time use! Rinse the tip of the LED light but DO NOT IMMERSE the light in water!!

Store your trays and LED back into the Perfectwhitening kit. Keep it cool dry places away from heat or direct sunlight.


Your teeth often start to become visibly whiter initially at the tip of teeth after 2-3 days, clear results are seen after 7 days. In some cases you might experience teeth sensitivity of sharp pain. This is normal and may mean that you might have a tiny decay somewhere on the surface of your teeth. You can reduce the length of use to 30 minutes and use the remineralisation/ desentisation Gel every night to help reduce teeth sensitivity. 


                                                  Your Perfect Whitening Process is complete.



If available, now you can use the remineralizing / desensitizing gel for extra dental care and prevent any teeth sensitivity. Follow this step for Remineralising program.

The remineralzing gel is to be used after the whitening treatment has been completed. It can also be used as a program for people who already have a perfect white smile.


Every night you can use the remineralizing / desensitizing gel to add mineral to your teeth, strengthen your teeth and reduce any teeth sensitivity.


Remineralising guide at night:

1) Clean and dry your trays

2) Place only a small bead of gel in the front and back of the trays!

3) Keep the trays in your mouth for 5-10 minutes

4) Remove trays from your mouth and clean them with cool water.

***DON'T rinse your mouth after using the remineralzing gel, let the gel sit there so it can add mineral to your teeth overnight***

This is why it is best to remineralise your teeth at night.


Perfect Whitening Pen

1) Dry your Teeth

2) Rotate the bottom of click-pen to dispense gel onto the brush

3) Brush the gel onto the front surface of your teeth and avoid the lips from contacting your teeth for 1 minute or you can put on your mouth tray and leave it in for 40 mins or up to an hour.

4) Do not rinse or eat drink for 1 hour.

5) Repeat as often as needed. Whitening pen is great for first-time user, quick touch ups, spot bleaching of difficult dental stains.

Note: Follow our teeth whitening kit procedure in a similar manner.


General Disclaimer

DO NOT USE IF: pregnant/nursing, poor dental health (decayed teeth, exposed roots, gum disease, wear braces, recent oral surgery, jaw problems). At-home treatments do have some low risks involved and you should consult your dentist if you experience any problem.

Some people may experience tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. If this is the case then stop for a few days or decrease the time of having your trays in your mouth.