Perfectwhitening Lemon Teethtox Challenge

'Let's be social'

So, what is Perfectwhitening lemon teethtox challenge?

It is a fun and challenging way to cleanse your mouth and it helps getting rid of bacteria inside your mouth to keep your gum and teeth healthy.

Step 1: Cut half a lemon and squeeze onto a tablespoon OR bite and suck the juice out of it if you dare!!

Step 2: Hold all the lemon juice in your mouth. Start squishing it around your mouth, pulling it in and out around your teeth for 1 minute and then spit it out.

Step 3: Shout out "I completed the Perfectwhitening lemon teethtox challenge!!!"

Capture a clip of you doing it to see how you react and challenge your friends to try it. Upload it on your facebook or youtube and send the link to us on our facebook inbox @perfectwhiteningaustralia to get a FREE Perfectwhitening advance value teeth whitening kit and also be in a chance to WIN $500 cash for the most funniest clip :)

Try it, let us know if you completed the challenge!

Hosted by Perfectwhitening - Complete Dental Strength Luxe Home Teeth Whitening Kit.


Youtube link from one of our participants. Hope you enjoy it and share the laughs.

Dare your friends!