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Extreme 6LEDs Teeth Whitening accelerator light

Please note: you will need to purchase Perfect Whitening gels and mouth trays separately to go with the light.

Our 6LEDs Teeth Whitening Light Will Change Your Smile

Do you want to want to have the best smile possible? Of course you do, but how can this be done? All you have to do is purchase our advanced luxe teeth whitening kit with the 6LED light included from Perfect Whitening, and it will take care of the rest for you. These are easy to use and can be done in the comfort of your own home. However, note that the 6LED light need to be used with our Perfect Whitening gel.

Your teeth will look shiny and new

What is uniquely special about our teeth whitening 6LED light?

Our LED teeth whitening light emits the similar dual wavelength technology that the dentists use in their office.

How to use it?

You first need to apply the whitening peroxide gel onto your teeth, after that you can shine the LED light where the gel has been applied, which will start the process. Your mouth needs to be open and your lips be pulled back as much as possible. After the treatment, you can rinse your mouth with water, which will also wash out any excess gel still inside your mouth.

Why our products stands out from the rest

Perfect Whitening’s extreme 6LED accelerator light is used to powerfully enhance and boost the effect of the gel during your treatments.

Unlike other brands offering an LED light which has only 1 low light intensity, our teeth whitening products are designed with dual wave length technology, with no harmful radiation.

NOTE: Having trouble turning it on? Please open the battery socket and remove the plastic stopper in between the two batteries to turn on. Batteries included.

If you want to make your smile white again, we cannot recommend our products enough. Please send an email to PerfectWhiteningTeeth@gmail.com for more information.